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About Marty Koebert

The Philosophy


We aren’t the problem, our habits are. You have the power to release old habits, establish new ones, and create the results you want.

Marty is a highly successful national sales executive, team leader, and business owner, and a former U.S. Air Force Non-Commissioned Officer. His career and coaching rest on the foundations of authenticity, integrity, faith, and the pursuit of excellence.

He has a gift for helping people get to the source of any challenge and achieve new levels of performance. Marty applies a variety of proven approaches. He is an advanced graduate and trained coach of the globally recognized Landmark personal and professional development programs. Educated in Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) techniques.

He has walked the dark pathways of addiction and unhealthy behaviors in his own life. And he set out to find answers and has developed a uniquely powerful approach and set of tools for breaking those habits and gaining personal mastery. He transformed his own life, and now he helps others attain the life they’ve always wanted.


The Gap I fill

Together We Can

Create Miracles

By removing obstacles/barriers……together

Get to The Heart of the Matter

Identify the root/core/cause

Think Big

A bigger plan than what we had intended

Create Evolving Tools

Well beyond medicine, self-help books, flying solo, & other band-aids!


Obtaining what the world says you can not have, through love

Help People get Unstuck

Get out of habits/addictions/systems/past & just as importantly into the creation of their new future