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Have you ever heard of B.H.A.G?

Big Hairy Audacious Goal

And, better yet, do you have one?

What is amazing about the human condition is that we strive for something better. A happier marriage, a larger sales goal, or physical performance.

The ability to look ahead and work towards a goal makes life fun.

I’m not saying there is anything inherently wrong with not having a large goal, however, sometimes the lack of aspiration is a symptom of some horrible things that have happened in the past.

Here a three reasons why you might be putting off a dream:

You’ve given up – Humans are more likely to avoid risk, then to seek reward. When a person has lost an amount of resiliency from past failure, and sees those lack of goal reaching as a personal flaw, some come to the conclusion that it is better to not goals at all.

“Why bother, it didn’t work the last time!”

Your ability to set new goals that a bigger and more exciting is risky, but it is a sign that you have not given up.

You don’t feel like you deserve it – this is a huge lie. We all have access 100% of the time to live an incredible life. Sometimes we are born with an incredible amount of resilence, other times we have to work it like a muscle. One of the most profound reasons to work with a coach, is that the coaching process builds resilency, by unpacking how your habits and thoughts are creating your outlook on life.

“The dream is free…the journey will cost you something.” John C. Maxwell

On that note:

You don’t have the framework of growth – set into a routine, or surrounded by people who have a culture of mediocrity, in order to create something for yourself on a new level, you are going to feel uncomfortable for awhile. I have a saying in my practice:

“Get Comfortable being Uncomfortable” –Marty Koebert

That’s because in order to go after your very own BHAG we have to look at the foundation of your thoughts and you current enviroment.

Do you have one of these blocks to setting Big Hairy Audacious Goals? All of them?

Coaching isn’t magic, but the results are profound. Dream big, and let’s make it happen!


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